I've never seen the Google Pixel 8 Pro this cheap before

Save almost £250 on Google's flagship Android phone

Google Pixel 8 Pro deal
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The Google Pixel 8 Pro is undoubtedly one of the best flagship smartphones available today, especially considering you get top-tier specifications for a lower price than most rivals. However, Amazon has a deal on right now that makes it even more a bargain.

You can get £200 off the 256GB model in Porcelain (cream), Obsidian (black) or Bay (blue) colours, with a very healthy 19% slashed off the price. That's the cheapest I've seen to date for this model and means it will set you back just £859.

Alternatively, if you opt for the 128GB model, you get an even bigger percentage knocked off – up to 24% on the Obsidian version, which leaves it as £754.99 and therefore almost £250 cheaper.

Google Pixel 8 Pro 256GB (Porcelain): was £1,059, now £859 at Amazon

Google Pixel 8 Pro 256GB (Porcelain): was £1,059, now £859 at Amazon
This Pixel 8 Pro with 256GB of on-board storage has a 6.7-inch display and comes with Google's own Gemini AI smarts, including Circle to Search functionality.

Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB (Obsidian): was £999, now £754.99 at Amazon

Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB (Obsidian): was £999, now £754.99 at Amazon
The black 128GB version of the Google Pixel Pro has a mighty 24% off, which makes it almost £250 cheaper than usual.

Why buy the Google Pixel 8 Pro?

The Google Pixel 8 Pro was first released at the tail end of last year, but it still holds its own against many recent phones.

That's because, as well as being Google's flag-bearer for Android, it has been updated to include some great new features that few others can boast. For example, Circle to Search is an AI tool that allows you to find items, text or picture matches online without having to type anything in – you just literally tap or circle the item in a picture to search for it.

Google has also promised seven years worth of security and software updates for the Pixel 8 Pro, so you can be safe in knowledge that your new purchase will last you longer than the usual mobile handset cycle.

And there's a great camera on board too, that arguably takes some of the best pictures on any smartphone.

But, if you don't fancy that big 6.7-inch AMOLED display, you can always find great deals on the smaller Google Pixel 8 too.

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