Move aside, Motorola RAZR (2019): this HTC One M7 reboot looks utterly gorgeous

HTC needs to bring this to life, pronto

HTC One M7 2019
(Image credit: Concept Creator)

HTC hit the nail on the head with the HTC One (M7), creating one of the most stylish, well-rounded smartphones to have ever hit the shelves. Unfortunately, it couldn't quite keep the innovation stream flowing and by the time the HTC One (M9) came around, the once-coveted One (M) series was as dead as a dodo – as was HTC.

But with all this talk of manufacturers reviving their smash hits (Motorola is working on a modern version of the Motorola RAZR, for example), we can't help but wonder what an HTC One (M7) reboot would look like. Fortunately, we don't have to ponder too much as Concept Creator has put pen to paper and come up with a design.

Stunning, huh?

What's interesting is the fact Concept Creator envisages two variants – one with a metal back à la original HTC One (M7) and one with a more current frosted glass finish, which would open the door to wireless charging. Best of all, both models retain the device's most iconic feature: the beloved dual front-facing speaker setup.

Now we should note that there's absolutely no basis for this render; there hasn't been so much of a single rumour (from a credible source, that is) claiming that HTC is even considering rebooting an old handset, let alone it being the HTC One (M7). This is just simply what one person would like to see if it did – and it looks fantastic.

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