Hisense's new 4K TV range brings Mini-LED and OLED screens with impressive specs

Hisense steps up its TV game with its new OLED set, plus an impressive Mini-LED monster flagship model

Hisense 2021 4K TVs
(Image credit: Hisense)

Hisense has revealed its 2021 TV range for the UK, and it includes the first Mini-LED TV and OLED TV from the manufacturer to arrive on these shores, along with the usual selection of very well-specced mid-range models that make up Hisense's bread and butter. We're waiting on confirmation of prices, and will update when we have them.

With the Samsung QN95A and Samsung QN900A Mini-LED TVs landing right at the top of our list of the best TVs thanks to the incredible precision and contrast of their backlights, we're excited to see whether Hisense can bring the same experience for less. 

The Mini-LED model is called the Hisense U9GQ, and will only come in a 75-inch size in the UK (a 65-inch version appears to be available in other territories). Hisense says that it will reach 3,000 nits of maximum brightness thanks to its 10,000-LED panel. Specs available on Hisense's European websites list 1,280 dimming zones (spotted by FlatpanelsHD), which is certainly interesting – the Samsung QN95A features fewer than 800 dimming zones, so could Hisense get one over on the kind of LCD here?

Elsewhere, we're pleased to see support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ (come on LG, Samsung and Sony – this support for only one format is getting old), plus Dolby Atmos. It has a 120Hz refresh rate, but doesn't offer full HDMI 2.1 support – Hisense's European site lists eARC as being onboard, plus support for ALLM and VRR (up to 60Hz) gaming features, but not 4K 120Hz, so it may not quite stand up as one of the best gaming TVs.

Hisense A9G

The Hisense A9G OLED TV.

(Image credit: Hisense)

The OLED model is called the Hisense A9G, which is confusingly similar in name to the Sony A9 from 2020. It's available in 55-inch or 65-inch sizes, and again offers both forms of advanced HDR. This model also boasts IMAX Enhanced certification.

There are three regular LED TVs with Quantum Dot tech also in the line-up: the U8GQ, the A8GQ and the E76GQ. The U8GQ has a full-array backlight and promises 1,000 nits of peak brightness – we'll see how this compares to the likes of the Sony X90J for the mid-range crown.

The Hisense A4G and A6G are more entry-level models. The A6G is available in sizes from 43 inches up to 75 inches, and will probably be a huge seller.

Hisense is also bringing laser TVs to its range in the UK this year, which are basically short-throw laser projectors in a smart design package with the right kind of screen. These will be available in 88- or 100-inch versions. They're generally very good value if you want a bigger screen without the devastating price that an OLED or LED TV will require at similar sizes.

They're all due to go on-sale right away. The timing could be very interesting for last year's models, with Amazon Prime Day Deals just about to start… we said in our guide to what to expect from Prime Day TV deals that Hisense models would likely get some great discounts, and the arrival of new TVs just makes that look even more nailed on.

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