Hi-Tec reinvents its classic Silver Shadow sneaker

Now in a bright Grey/Teal/Lime colourway

Hi-Tec brings back its classic Silver Shadow sneaker

Retro sportswear has had somewhat of a revival recently, with brands like Kappa and Fila springing back into life, alongside Adidas and Nike releasing retro-styled silhouettes. 

It was only a matter of time, then, that Hi-Tec also made a comeback – enter the Hi-Tec Silver Shadow, a stylish take on the 80’s classic.

Now available in a range of colours, these sneakers, designed for men and women, are based on Hi-Tec's most iconic style to date – the Silver Shadow.

 Originally launched in 1981, these trainers were Hi-Tec’s first ever performance running shoe. The aim was to deliver the Rolls Royce for your feet – fusing a classic, sophisticated design with performance comfort features. It was designed for those looking to run on the tracks, trails and streets.

Today, while you may slip on your high-tech Ultraboost or Flyknit trainers for a run around the park, the Silver Shadow trainers are a fashion statement. 

The sneakers capture the iconic heritage of the original Silver Shadow, but are designed for a whole new audience, with new colourways and materials.

The most recent release is the bright Grey/Teal/Lime colourway, which features mesh and suede uppers, retro reflective trim detailing, and athletic cushioning.

The Hi-Tec Silver Shadow are available now for £80, check them out at the link below:

Spencer Hart
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