Here's why you should install iOS 16.3 on your iPhone today

Apple's latest update brings a host of security improvements and new features to your iPhone

iOS 16
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Apple has today released the latest update to its iOS 16 operating system. iOS 16.3 brings a swathe of new features and security improvements to your iPhone

As is standard for Apple, it comes along with updates for the operating system for other products. iPadOS 16.3 hits the iPad range,  MacOS Ventura 13.2 comes to the latest MacBook's and Mac products, and WatchOS 9.3 brings improvements for your Apple Watch.

Now, just over a month after iOS 16.2 brought us new features like Apple Music Sing and Freeform, another update is here. Users can expect a host of security and bug fixes this time out, as well as support for other new devices.

What's new in iOS 16.3?

First up, there's a new Unity wallpaper which has been released in support of Black History Month in the USA. That wallpaper is mirrored on other device updates too, so you can match up your phone and your watch, for example.

Next, an update will come to the iPhone 14 Pro Max designed to stop an issue some users were having with the display. When users woke the device, horizontal lines would appear on the screen. But that should all be fixed in the new update.

There's also support coming for the new second generation HomePod, which was announced last week. The latest addition to Apple's smart speaker line-up brings advanced features to a familiar design, and can now fully integrate with other Apple products.

An update has also been made to the way Emergency SOS works on the device. Now, users will need to hold down the side button with either the volume up or down button, but the call wont be made until the buttons are released. This change comes in a bid to minimise the number of accidental calls made to the emergency services.

And a new feature has been added to give users the chance to improve the security of their two-factor authentication. Security Keys for Apple ID allows users to require a physical key for the second stage of their two-factor authentication, increasing the security of devices even if they fall prey to a phishing attack.

How to install iOS 16.3

The update screen for iOS 16.3 on an iPhone 13, on a dark background

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Fortunately, installing the update couldn't be simpler. If you have Automatic Updates on, it should happen the next time you're plugged in to charge. But if you want to get it even sooner, simply go to Settings > General > Software Update.

From there, you should find some information about the update. Simply hit Download and Install and your phone will be updated. It's a relatively small update at just 643.5MB, so it's not the end of the world if you download it over mobile data. It wont take long either – mine was downloaded and installed in around ten minutes, even on a relatively ropey WiFi connection.

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