GoPro Hero 4: Release date, rumours, price, news and features

The latest rumours on GoPro's next Hero camera

It's been a long old nine months since GoPro released its Hero3+ extreme sports action camera, and T3's itching to find out what's next. We've rounded up the latest rumours on the Hero 4, fresh from the grapevine.

GoPro has produced the world's most popular action-cam to date, with the company now valued at an incredible $3 billion. The Hero3+ black edition has excellent low-light performance, a waterproof enclosure, 4K video capture at 15fps, and 1440p video capture at 48fps. We're now looking at what comes next for the US camera firm.

GoPro Hero 4: Release date

Leaked info suggests a release date set for summer 2014. The Hero 3+, Hero 3, and Hero 2 all had autumn release dates, which conflicts with the summer launch rumours. We're going to say anywhere between now and November is a likely bet because, well, it's summer already.

Another source puts the release date at March 2015, but we're not so keen on this date. March 2015 doesn't fit with the previous autumn launches, and also puts a year and a half between the Hero 3+ and the Hero 4, which isn't compliant with the previous release cycle of around a year.

GoPro Hero 4: Features

A leaked press release gave some clues regarding possible features of the GoPro Hero 4. According to the source, the Hero 4 will be able to shoot video in ultra HD 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, 1080p at 120 frames per second, and 720p at a ridiculous 240 fps. These are pretty big increases over the Hero3+, with 4K video capture now set to be far less choppy.

The camera will include several interesting features, namely multi-exposure and HDR WDR tone-mapping, electronic image stabilisation, and improved MCTF.

The Hero 4 also looks likely to have waterproof housing with a flat lens for shooting underwater up to a depth of 60m.

GoPro Hero 4: Price

Rumours reckon that $340 is a likely price-point, putting it at around £200. With the current high-end device, the Hero3+ Black Edition, price at £359.99, we'd expect somewhere between the two figures, with room for a price-rise if GoPro opts to add a 4+ version to the range somewhere down the line.

GoPro Hero 4: Specs

A press release leaked back in April dropped some juicy hints about Hero 4 specs. The Hero 4 is expected to pack a 1GHz dual-core A9 ARM Cortex processor 1GHz. This is a boost from the Hero 3's lower-end A7 chip.

The upcoming device will also sport a 13-megapixel sensor and a brand new lens optimised for shooting in the dark.

The Hero 4 will come equipped with a WiFi module, as well as USB and HDMI ports, making it easy to sync and stream your footage.

We imagine it'll be able to capture still images during video recording, and looks likely to support the following encoding formats: H.264, BP, MP, HP Level 5.1, and MJPEG.

GoPro Hero 4: Appearance

GoPro cameras usually turn up in black, white, or silver editions, with varying price points along the way. The Hero 3+ only comes in black or silver, whereas the Hero 3 ships in white, so a white Hero 4 could be the likely bet, with a later Hero 4+ edition adopting the remaining paintjobs.

The Hero 3+ was 20% smaller and lighter than previous editions, so an even more svelte Hero 4 might very well be in the works. Size and weight are important factors in GoPro design, as you'll no doubt want to strap it to your skateboard, snowboard or shopping trolley.