Google’s flagship Android phone just got a massive price cut

The range-topping Google Pixel 6 Pro is down to the lowest price thanks to this huge discount

Google Pixel 6 Pro being slipped into a woman's skirt pocket
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The Google Pixel 6 Pro is one of the very best Android phones as well as one of the best phones full stop, and Google has just given it a massive price cut that means it's cheaper than it's ever been.

View the discounted Google Pixel 6 Pro at Amazon UK

View the discounted Google Pixel 6 Pro at Amazon US

The Pro is now just $699 / £649, down from $899 / £849, making it cheaper than many other flagships. If you're looking for a pure Android experience on really impressive hardware, this could well be the best phone for you.

This price cut isn't specific to one very famous retailer, either: it's available from multiple well known brands in the US and UK, as well as on the Google Store.

Google Pixel 6 Pro: was £849, now £649 at Amazon

Google Pixel 6 Pro: was £849, now £649 at Amazon
Google's Pixel 6 Pro is one of the best Android phones on the market today, which is why it suddenly being £200 cheaper is a great thing. Unlocked, 5G capable, and loaded with flagship-grade hardware, as well as Google's purest version of Android as an OS. Elite tier.

Why the Pixel 6 Pro is a great buy

In our Google Pixel 6 Pro review we gave it four out of five stars, with the price being a significant issue – and now that it isn't, I think the Pixel Pro could deserve the full five stars. It's sharp and sophisticated with a retro style that I really love, and that 6.7-inch QHD+ display is spectacular. The camera system is really good too, and Google's AI features do some really clever things with photography.

The Pro has a much better camera system than its Pixel sibling: both have the same 50MP wide camera and 12MP ultrawide camera, but the Pro version has a third lens, a 48MP telephoto camera. The Pro also has an 11.1MP front camera, as opposed to the 8MP selfie snapper on the Pixel 6. 

If I wanted to be really picky I'd point to Google's Tensor processor not being quite as powerful as the processors in the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. But it's still pretty quick, and now it's cheaper too: you'll pay several hundred more for the slightly better specced Samsung, or for Apple's iPhone 13 Pro.

Fancy the Pixel 6 Pro on contract instead?

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