Google's Android robot logo gets an upgrade

The little green robot gets a makeover

New Android branding
(Image credit: Google)

What's in a logo? Users of some the best Android phones have been staring at the same one for a while now. Google last updated its logo in 2019 but now the Android robot has been given a makeover once again, but don't worry, it looks like green is once again the colour of the season. 

So what's changed? Well for starters, android is now Android with a capital 'A' which according to Jason Fournier Android Consumer Brand Management Director helps to add "more weight to its appearance when placed next to Google’s logo."

The main differences however aren't really for the typeface but for our little buddy himself. He's clearly been on a personal journey and returned with much more depth - literally as he's now 3D. Honestly, it's giving me nostalgic flashbacks to Microsoft's Clippy, who used to provide hours of entertainment in school when I should have been studying. 

The 'Bugdroid' is the unusual name for the 'lid' of the robot and it now features prominently in Android's branding, demonstrating the ability to change colour, don hats and even grow fur (eww).  Fournier explains, "We wanted the bugdroid to appear as dynamic as Android itself"

Android logo

Out with the old...

(Image credit: Google)

Android new logo

... and in with the new.

(Image credit: Google)

Google expects the new branding to start rolling out this year, and expect to see our newly 3D friend a lot come October when we not only will see the Google Pixel 8 and the release of Android 14. Talking of Android 14, I do miss the days of the operating system updates being named after desserts but that's just me and my sweet tooth. 

Of course with the Pixel 8 launch and the iPhone 15 coming next week, it's the busy period for phones right now and a great time to get maximum eyes on a re-brand. Just keep the furry bugdroid away from me, please.

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