Google plans to give away the Pixel Watch 2 for free, according to major leak

Amazing pre-order deal could save you £100s

Google Pixel Watch 2
(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

Google is set to give away its brand-new Pixel Watch 2 as part of an amazing pre-order deal.

A leaked marketing poster has revealed that those who pre-order the Google Pixel 8 Pro phone will get the company's latest smartwatch for free. If genuine, that is a huge discount on the new device, which is rumoured to cost around £350 on its own.

The Pixel 8 Pro will reportedly cost from £999 / $899.

The latest Pixel Watch 2 leak is one of a series released on X (formerly Twitter) by tipster Kamila Wojciechowska.

In the last few days, he has also provided a full specifications list for both the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro handsets, their prices, official Google marketing videos that we assume aren't meant for public release yet, and several other key details.

This all comes ahead of the Made by Google event to take place next Wednesday, 4 October 2023. It will unveil the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 in New York, although there might not be much left to announce – so much has leaked.

For example, Wojciechowska also released (via 91Mobiles) a seemingly real promotional video for the Pixel Watch 2.

It shows the device in full, with several of its smartwatch and Fitbit features detailed.

It will get a new Fitbit heart rate sensor that is more accurate than the previous model's, a stack of health systems, including stress management, and detection for seven common workouts.

There will also be a "safety check" feature whereby the wearer can set a timer and be prompted to respond after it has expired on whether they are okay or need assistance. If there's no response, the watch's real-time location will be shared with emergency contacts.

Medical info can also be shared with emergency services.

The video also claims that the Pixel Watch 2 will come with a full 24-hours of battery life. The watch will also charge from flat to full in an hour and 15 minutes.

This all sounds great for a device that you may just get for free with your new phone. We'll let you know when we hear concrete details.

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