Google Pixel Watch leak lists Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 beating hardware

Looks like Galaxy Watch 4 is getting a fierce new smartwatch rival

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 being worn on a human wrist
(Image credit: Future)

The Google Pixel Watch recently broke cover after a suspicious restaurant faux pas and, putting it bluntly, we now know what it looks like. That's great.

However, despite this, we still don't know how the watch is specced or how it performs. Well, how lucky for us that sources have kindly just dripped some select Google Pixel Watch specs to 9to5Google. Thank you sources!

And the exciting news, at least for Pixel fans who have been patiently waiting to buy a Google-made wearable, is that the Pixel Watch has a battery capacity that exceeds that of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – where the Watch 4 has a 247mAh battery stack, the Pixel Watch, according to the sources, has a 300mAh stack.

Now, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that 300mAh is more than 247mAh, so that means on paper at least the Pixel Watch looks like it should be able to run longer than the Galaxy Watch 4 on a single charge.

That larger capacity sounds good to us here at T3 as we said the Galaxy Watch 4 only delivered "average battery life" in our testing, either only matching or falling short of other best smartwatch options such as the OnePlus Watch and Apple Watch.

According to the sources, the Google Pixel Watch will also deliver cellular connectivity. Well, that's nice, but now we're wondering what the Google Pixel Watch price will be? Here's hoping the Big G can keep it down, as right now Apple Watch has this market so sewn up you'd be mad to go toe-to-toe with it on cost.

Here's hoping we get to hear more about the rumored (yes, Google hasn't actually confirmed this product exists yet!) Pixel Watch sooner rather than later.

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