The "accidental" Google Pixel Watch reveal has me suspicious – here's why

Mega Pixel leak thanks to someone so hungry they left a prototype behind and didn't then return for it? Hmmm...

Google Pixel Watch next to 40mm Apple Watch and 46mm Galaxy Watch
(Image credit: Tagtech414 / Reddit)

How embarrassing: almost everything you could want to know about the forthcoming Google Pixel Watch has been supposedly leaked because someone left one behind in a restaurant.

According to TagTech414 on Reddit, the supposed Pixel Watch was found by a bartender who waited a few weeks expecting the person who lost it to come back. That person never did, though, so of course it's on the internet now.

The Reddit user passed the images to Android Central, where you can see the watch from every angle. There wasn't a charger with it and the battery was dead so the images are only of the hardware, but Evan Class of 91Mobiles has published renders showing the user interface, too.

And let me tell you... I'm cynical about the whole darn thing. While it's reminiscent of the infamous iPhone 4 leak of more than ten years ago, where someone from Apple left the unreleased phone in a restaurant, Apple pretty much declared war on Gizmodo for publishing it; this time out Google doesn't even appear to have been looking for it, which makes me wonder how leaky this leak really is?

I mean, if you're responsible for handling a top secret Google Pixel Watch pre-production model firstly why would you even have it out in a public place like an eatery and, secondly, why would you not then return to the restaurant on your desperate search to get it back? Hmmm...

On the flip side of the coin, though, if this leak is genuine and then it does mean we now have lots of information about Google's forthcoming smartwatch.

Here's what we know.

Google Pixel Watch: design and features

The Google Pixel Watch is about 1.5 inches in diameter, half an inch thick and round with a fairly thick bezel. Straps for it look very like the ones you see on Fitbit smartwatches such as the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Sense, and there's a crown on the side like the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch. It's very pretty, and to my mind it's much more attractive-looking than the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch in the above comparison shot.

We know the name is definitely Pixel Watch – Google's filed a trademark application for it – and going by 91Mobiles' renders the interface is similar to previous rumours and leaks: it's interesting to see a Fitbit icon there, suggesting that Google is going hard on Fitbit integration. The OS is Wear OS 3.1.

We don't know about the Pixel Watch price or release date just yet but it can't be very far in the future: multiple reports say that retail partners are getting ready to sell it, and Google is preparing its online store too. I can't wait to see the real thing: after years of speculation, Google's Pixel Watch is one of the most anticipated tech launches we've had for some time.

Carrie Marshall

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