Google Pixel Watch 3 leak shows one major upgrade coming

The new design will split opinion, but one feature should be a massive benefit

Google Pixel Watch 2 review
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Quick Summary

Images have leaked showing the Google Pixel Watch 3.

While there isn't too much to gleam from them, we do appear to see one thing which should please users.

The world of smartwatches has grown significantly over the last decade. What was once a niche part of the tech space can now be found on almost every wrist.

Models are now available from a wide range of different brands, with additional features and operations to set them apart from the crowd. For Android phone users, one of the most popular ranges is the Google Pixel Watch.

The original model is almost two years old now, and represented the first ever Pixel-branded smartwatch. That was succeeded last year by the Google Pixel Watch 2 – and now, the Google Pixel Watch 3 looks set to arrive soon.

Those rumours have intensified thanks to a series of leaked images.

The gallery (posted by 91Mobiles) shows off a black version of the watch against a black background, making it tough to pick out a lot of the details. 

The watch does appear to be a little bigger overall. That could be a negative for some, who value a more svelte appearance on the wrist. Reports suggest that change is to include a larger battery though, so at least there could be a benefit for users.

We do also see what looks like a slimmer bezel. That will be a very welcome addition to the design.

While popular, one of the biggest gripes with both of the previous models was the thickness of the bezel. In fairness, it was a justified comment, as they protruded far more than other similar devices.

Having something with a smaller measurement should make for a better looking device overall. That's likely to be incredibly popular with users, and could make this one of the most popular in the series so far.

While there is currently no date set in stone where we expect the device, we should have to wait too long. After Google IO last month, we'd next expect new devices from the brand in the autumn. That would line up with previous releases in the range, too.

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