Google Pixel Watch 3 set to get a battery boost

The next-gen of the popular Android smartwatch should pack a little more juice

Google Pixel Watch 2
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Quick Summary

The Google Pixel Watch 3 is expected to launch later this year, and we may already know one key spec.

That's because the battery capacity has been leaked in a regulatory database.

It feels like only yesterday we were praising the launch of the Google Pixel Watch 2. That brought a host of improvements for the model, which seemed to really resonate with users.

That's not to say that the original Google Pixel Watch was a bad device, either. Marking the first instance of a Pixel-branded smartwatch, this piece had a host of useful features on board. Those were then improved on in the second generation, and now we look set to see further improvements with the Google Pixel Watch 3.

That starts inside. According to a regulatory listing spotted by 91Mobiles, the next generation of the Pixel Watch range will pack in a larger battery than its predecessor.

While the original device had a 294mAh battery, and the Pixel Watch 2 packed in a 304mAh cell, the new device looks set to pack in a 307mAh battery. Make sure you don't use it all at once, okay?

In all seriousness, while it's hardly the most tantalising upgrade in history, it's a good sign. Battery size matters – particularly when we're dealing with smaller units in devices like these.

That extra 3mAh might seem measly, but it's around a 1% increase. Progress is progress, and we should celebrate that all the same.

That's not to say you're only going to eek out an extra 1% of performance, either. Improvements in efficiency and processing could help that along, too.

We already saw some of that last time out with the second generation device. While its own 10mAh generational increase was scoffed at, the improvements in the processor helped to increase battery life for users.

With a new Pixel Watch not expected until around October time, it's wise to take early leaks and rumours with a pinch of salt. Many specs may be on the cards right now, but that doesn't mean they'll make the final cut.

However, given that this one has appeared in a regulatory database, it might carry a little extra credence. For now, then, we'll just have to keep an eye out for future updates.

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