Google Pixel 8 unboxing video leaks showing off what's in the box

If the Google Pixel 8 leaks have you saying "you're joking... not another one!" you may wish to look away now...

Leaked Google promo shot of Google Pixel 8 Pro
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel 8 range is set to debut this week, bringing the latest and greatest features to the line up. If you were hoping for a surprise reveal though, you're probably disappointed. A slew of leaks mean we've got a pretty clear picture of what is coming from the brand, short of any big departures on the day.

Now, a video has surfaced online, showing the Pixel 8 being unboxed. The YouTube Short from PBKreviews shows off the unboxing in an ASMR style, while also giving us a good look at everything users will find in the box with their new handset.

The phone is housed back-first in the box, giving you an instant look at the iconic design. Behind that, you'll find a manual, a USB-C to USB-C cable, and – rather bizarrely – a USB-A to USB-C adapter. It's not entirely clear why that would be included, but it's always nice to have.

The device shown off in the video looks like the Haze option. It's a sumptuous sage green, similar to the Hazel which was one of the most popular options on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. However, this time out it's paired with a silver camera bar, rather than the rose gold tone used last time. That combo definitely highlights the darker tones in the finish.

It's just one of a few colour options which are said to be on offer across the two devices. Jade and Liquorice are said to straddle both models, with the base model also getting Haze and Peony, and the Pro model getting Porcelain and Sky.

Those devices look set to perform just as well as they look, too. We've already heard about a significant battery life boost, which should offer much better longevity for the handsets. That larger capacity, combined with the new chip which should hopefully have some better efficiency, should make for a phone which can comfortably last all day.

We've also heard about some of the features of the new devices. Most recently, that came from a leaked advert for the range, which highlighted a number of camera features. That was part of a larger celebration of the AI-powered technology in the device, which seems set to get a big push this time out.

It's a great sounding handset. We'll know all about what the devices can offer when they're officially launched on Wednesday.

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