Google Pixel 8 could be a battery-life beast

A phone to last for ages?

Google Pixel 8 Pro and 8
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Maybe I should go outside more but whenever my phone dies I feel like I'm stranded on a desert island, cut off from the rest of the world. Well, it looks like the Google Pixel 8 could be a metaphorical flare gun to signal passing ships, with a rumoured battery boost. 

A recent comprehensive leak of the specs for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro claim that the battery capacity of both phones will be increased. For the Pixel 8 Pro, this will take it from 5000mAh to 5050mAh but the more significant bump is the base Pixel 8 which supposedly will leap from 4355mAh to 4575mAH. For those using the cheaper model, that's a chunky upgrade. 

It's also possible that the battery boost won't stop there. Both upcoming Pixels are believed to be adopting Google's new Tensor G3 chip, a direct upgrade to the Tensor G2 of the Pixel 7 range. As well as a performance boost we're hopeful that this new silicon could bring increased power efficiency too. 

Leaked Google promo shot of Google Pixel 8 Pro

(Image credit: Google)

One element of the leak that does seem to be disheartening when it comes to battery, however, is the charging speed. The current Pixels aren't exactly speedy chargers and it looks to be the same again with 27w (wired) charging on the entry-level Pixel and 30w on the Pro. It's not the biggest deal in the world when they can last all day but compared to something like the OnePlus 11's 100w charging it seems a big drop off.  

Away from the battery the baby Pixel does sound like a tantalising prospect, particularly if you're a fan of the best small phones. Having a pocket powerhouse that lasts all day is definitely an appealing proposition, and no-one knows Android like Google, so there are bound to be some nice surprises in store. 

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