Leaked Pixel 8 colours and wallpapers are stone cold killers

Take a peek at the colour scheme for Google's next flagship

Google Pixel 7a
(Image credit: Google)

Colours often have famously obscure names, but it looks like the colour options for the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will be a lot more grounded, literally. They'll match some unique mineral-themed Pixel wallpapers.

Thanks to some serious detective work from leaker Kamila Wojciechowska it looks as though we'll be treated to six different colours for the Pixel 8 range. Haze, Jade, Licorice, Porcelain, Peony and Sky. Haze and Peony will be exclusive to the Pixel 8 while Porcelain and Sky are reserved for the high-end Pixel 8 Pro. Remember these are just internal names at the moment so may change come release. 

How do we know so much? Well, Pixel phones have long since matched the pre-loaded wallpapers on each device, and now we have eyes on the wallpapers that have once again been shot by Andrew Zuckerman.

What do the colours look like?

While we haven't seen shots of the phone, we can share with you the wallpapers which should match the phone itself, so if you're planning your next Android upgrade, use these colours as reference. Sadly, it doesn't look like the coral colour on the Pixel 7a will return.

The first image below features Haze (A Pixel 8 exclusive) on the left and Jade on the right.

Pixel 8 Haze and Jade

(Image credit: Android Authority)

Here we have the rather fetching Licorice (left) and Peony.

Pixel 8 Licorice and Peony

(Image credit: Android Authority)

And finally Porcelain and Sky (Pixel 8 Pro exclusive).

Pixel 8 porcelain and sky

(Image credit: Android Authority)

If you're interested in downloading these beautiful wallpapers and getting ahead of the Pixel curve, then Android Authority and Kamila Wojciechowska have kindly put them in a Google Drive.  Wallpapers have always been a strength of the Pixel range and at Google I/O 2023, we even saw how with Android 14 you can create unique ones from your favourite emojis

As for the release date of the phone? There has been no official word but we expect it to make an appearance alongside the Pixel Watch 2 in October and feature a brand new G3 Tensor chipset. 

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