Google Pixel 7 suddenly looks like an even smarter Android phone buy

Pixel 7 confirmed to deliver another big performance upgrade

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We've been big fans of Google's latest phones, as proved in our glowing Google Pixel 7 review and Google Pixel 7 Pro review.

We described the Pixel 7 as "yet another smartphone success story", while we said the Pixel 7 Pro was "Android's new flagship ace", with both phones swiftly drafted into T3's best Android phones buying guide.

However, now we've just learned that the Pixel 7 series of handsets is even more attractive than we thought, with clutch performance improvements discovered.

The findings come courtesy of 9to5google, who set about testing - specifically - the Pixel 7's Tensor G2 system-on-chip's in-built Exynos 5300g modem, which had been reported, albeit only anecdotally by reviewers, to seem to offer different performance to the modem in Google Pixel 6's Tensor G1 processor.

And the results of the testing will bring a smile to any current Pixel 7 owner's face, as well as make a big case for any Android phone user to make a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro their next phone. Here's why.

The tests showed that the Pixel 7 offered faster connection speeds and stronger connections across the board during testing when compared to Pixel 6. These improvements were specifically noticeable in rural areas, where the Pixel 7 offered download speeds up to five times that of the Pixel 6.

Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro phones in white colorway side-by-side

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The T3 take: Pixel 7 is ace, so go buy one if you need an affordable but premium Android phone upgrade

Now, look, one set of speed and coverage tests does not mean that every Pixel 7 anywhere on Earth is going to see the same improvements, but the results point to most people in most areas receiving enhanced performance.

And, when you factor in that both the Pixel 7 handsets hit really hard in terms of the other aspects of the mobile phone experience, such as software, photography and design, it is now more evident than ever to us here at T3 that these are superb Android phones to buy today. Especially so considering that the Pixel 7 phones retail for prices noticeably under flagship phones from established rivals.

Obviously, if you can stretch to it, the Pixel 7 Pro is the out-and-out better phone from a hardware point of view, coming with extra camera lenses and shooting features, but the standard Pixel 7 delivers 95 per cent of its performance and is a super attractive buy in our eyes. Pure Android 13 goodness.

There's also the lovely extra boon that Pixel 7 devices come with a free VPN, too, a feature that we've praised highly before here at T3. Google's latest phones come with incredible privacy and security as a result, which is yet another reason to upgrade to one if you're in the market for an Android phone.

Interested in a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro? Well, today's best prices on the handsets can be viewed below.

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