Google Pixel 5 is stealing THIS trick from Apple's iPhones

A Pixel 5 specs leak may not be the bad news you think it is with Google finding an Apple-shaped work around

Google Pixel 4
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Google's Pixel schedule has been thrown out of whack this year, with the pandemic affecting production of the smartphone - and it's not the only one; Apple's upcoming iPhone 12 launch has been delayed, with the four models likely to get a staggered release.

Google's flagship Pixel 5 is set to release alongside the Pixel 4a which would have ordinarily made its debut back in May, but now both smartphones are looking at an October launch. The Pixel 5 isn't going to be sporting the usual premium flagship features, from what we've heard, and will be better positioned to battle it out with fellow mid-tier handsets like the OnePlus Nord based on recent specs leaks, but the latest titbit suggests that Google will be taking a page from Apple's book in one key area.  

According to Twitter leaker Jason C, the Pixel 5 is going to feature a 6.67-inch QHD+ screen with a pixel density of 540ppi. Previously, we've heard that the display would be bumped up to 120Hz but Jason C says the smartphone will only house a 3080 mAh battery, which could see it drop down to 90Hz.

Last year's Pixel 4 didn't have a fantastic battery life, with its display having a maximum refresh rate of 90Hz. It seems that Google is playing it safe by capping the refresh rate at 90Hz rather than trying to match the likes of T3 favourite, the OnePlus 8 Pro

Even taking that into account, the battery size is still pretty small - the Pixel 4 struggled with its 2,800mAh battery, and the Pixel 4 XL didn't fare much better with its ‎3,700 mAh battery, even though both had 90Hz displays. But Jason C says that Google has honed its battery optimisation to such a degree that it can stick a smaller one in the chassis and get a reasonable amount of juice out of it - just like Apple. 

Let's not forget that the Pixel 5 is reportedly only launching in an XL variant so there's extra room for a larger battery, but Google isn't taking it. Instead, we could see the more efficient battery make room for additional features, like the Pixel 4's Soli. We'll find out soon enough when the smartphone releases in October! 

Source: TechRadar

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