Google offers self-service repair for your new Pixel Fold

That makes it the first self-repairable foldable phone on the market

The official image of the Google Pixel Fold
(Image credit: Google)

The hottest topic in tech right now is self-repair. Brought on by impending EU legislation, within a few years, phone manufacturers will have to ensure their devices can be repaired by users, should they wish.

We've seen some big names adopt this. Apple Self-Service is available for iPhones, while the Samsung Self-Repair program exists for Samsung phones. Even cheaper Android phones like the new Nokia G42 5G have the option to repair parts.

One area it hasn't reached yet is foldable phones. At the moment, if you have a foldable phone and it needs repairing, you'll need to send it to a professional. That's even true of devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which don't fall under the scope of Samsung Self-Repair.

Now, a spokesperson has confirmed that the Google Pixel Fold will have self-repair options. The brand offers parts for their other devices like the Google Pixel 7, via the third party repair service iFixIt. They also confirmed that the inner folding display was among the parts which could be repaired.

Users will be able to purchase official parts and tools to complete the repair. That includes any adhesives needed to secure certain parts. You will also get a step-by-step guide to take you through the process in manageable steps.

It could come in handy, too. According to a handful of early reports, the folding screen does appear to have some issues with quality control. One user found the screen failed after just four days of use. That seems to have been caused by dust entering the perforation around the screen and damaging the OLED panel. It's not clear if that was a one-off or a potential flaw that will plague the range altogether.

Regardless, it's a great feature for the device. Sure, self-repair wont be for everyone, but it's a big positive for users who want to get hands on with fixing their tech. Would I personally be brave enough to change the most fragile part of a phone with a near-£2,000 price tag? Absolutely not. But someone will, and that's the important thing.

Pixel Fold devices are finally starting to fall into the hands of those who pre-ordered, with shipments expected to continue this week.

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