Want to get a six pack? This Hayley Madigan core workout is the best we’ve seen in a LONG time

Workout at home with Hayley Madigan to get super solid abs

Hayley Madigan core abs workout
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If you’re looking for a core workout that packs in a lot of the best abs exercises, look no further! Although gyms are reopening, and we recommend you learn the new rules for the gym, post-lockdown, many people will still workout at home. It can be just as good for long term fitness goals and your dreams of getting a six pack

Following the best diet to get a six pack is just one element of staying trim. Also we've got a great selection of protein snacks and bars if you just can't resist the sweet urge. However working those stomach muscles will play a major part in forming your beach body..

Hayley Madigan, fitness model, Grenade Ambassador and all-round good egg, has put together her brilliant home abs workout, which has been designed for all levels of fitness.

Follow her basic routine if you're new to all of this and fancy giving rock hard abs a try, or attempt the intermediate or advanced modifiers if you fancy really feeling the burn. 

Hayley Madigan core abs workout

For loads more tricks and tips, check out Grenade's blog

(Image credit: Grenade)

Hayley Madigan's Solid Abs Home Workout

Side Planks

Beginners: Try a Kneeling Side plank, bent legs and raise your hips up off the floor. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Rest for ten seconds and repeat five times.

Intermediates: Straighten your legs and raise up from the side of your foot. ⁣Hold the position for 30 seconds. Rest for ten and repeat five times. 

Advanced: Go full throttle and raise your leg and arm into a star pose and you can lower your hip down and back up for reps. Try achieving ten slow reps to complete this one. 

Windshield Wipers

Beginners: Lay on your back with arms slightly out to the sides. Raise your legs off the ground and bend your knees as if you are tucking them towards your chest. Now lower your bent legs to one side. Slowly bring then to centre and repeat on the other side. Do five of these complete sets. 

Intermediates and Advanced: Do the same as before but straighten your legs and lower them slowly to one side. Brace the core and bring them back to centre before they touch the floor. Repeat on the other side and complete ten of these sets. 

Hayley Madigan core abs workout

When Hayley can't get to the climbing wall, she's working on her abs indoors

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Beginner: From a seated position, place hands on the floor by the side of you. Slowly push your legs out in front until they are nearly fully extended. Hold briefly at this point and pull them back in towards your chest. Repeat five times.

Intermediate/Advanced: Start off by hugging your legs into your chest and as you slowly lower your legs to straighten them, you simultaneously lower your torso, keeping shoulder blades off the floor and arms straight either side of you. ⁣

Heel Touches

Beginners: Lie on your back and bring your heels as close to your butt as possible. Now crunch slightly alternate tapping each heel. Keep the core braced and don't rely on your back to do the hard work.

Intermediate/Advanced: Do exactly as stated above but push your heels slightly further away from you. This will increase the amount you have to reach and therefore will incorporate the oblique muscles ⁣more.

Hayley Madigan core abs workout

(Image credit: Grenade)

If you're struggling to get to grips with some of the exercise listed above, you can check out Grande Ambassador Hayley's very easy to follow instructional videos via her Instagram account

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