Get 60% off Emma, Simba & OTTY mattresses in the Valentine’s sales

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with up to 60% off mattresses at Emma, Simba & OTTY

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Valentine’s Day is coming up this week on the 14th February and a great gift for you and your partner is to update your old shabby mattress and treat yourself to a brand new one!

Yes, a mattress is a big investment but if you’re looking for the best mattress at a discounted price, the Valentine’s Day sales are the best place to look. Ahead of the most romantic day of the year, the Valentine’s mattress sales are now live, offering shoppers up to 60% off mattresses and bedding from leading brands, including Emma, Simba and OTTY.

Shop the Emma Valentine’s Day sale

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Shop the OTTY Valentine’s Day sale

At T3, we’ve tried, tested and reviewed many different mattresses in an effort to find the most comfortable and supportive beds for our readers. As mattresses can be a pretty expensive purchase, we’ve also hunted far and wide for the best cheap mattress deals around, and the Valentine’s sales will not disappoint if you need a new sleep set-up.

For Valentine’s Day, you can get up to 60% off at Emma, up to 55% off at Simba and up to 50% off at OTTY. These three mattress companies offer the best mattresses on the market, focusing on comfort, support, quality, motion isolation, temperature regulation and value for money. If you don’t believe us, you can find mattresses from all three brands in our best mattress guide, Emma holds the top spot for the best memory foam mattress and OTTY is in the top five for the best bed in a box mattress.

To view the Valentine’s sales from Emma, Simba and OTTY, click the links above to head over to their websites or keep reading for all the details. Before you buy your new mattress, here’s what you need to know about mattress guarantees if you’re not completely happy with your purchase when it arrives. 

Emma Valentine’s Day sale: up to 60% off

Emma Valentine’s Day sale: up to 60% off
Get up to 60% off Emma mattresses, pillows, duvets, bed bases and other sleep bundles for Valentine’s Day. In this sale, you can get the Emma Original Plus for half price and the 5-star Emma Premium mattress is 55% off in all sizes (see our Emma Premium mattress review for more information).

Simba Valentine’s Day sale: up to 55% off

Simba Valentine’s Day sale: up to 55% off
In Simba’s Valentine’s Event, shoppers can get up to 55% off sitewide, and up to 40% on bestselling Simba mattresses. Simba has plenty of mattress options including the Simba Hybrid Pro which we gave 5 stars in our Simba Hybrid Pro mattress review, all of which are discounted and are available in different sizes for a fraction of the price.

OTTY Valentine’s Day sale: up to 50% off

OTTY Valentine’s Day sale: up to 50% off
This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to an OTTY mattress for half price. OTTY uses premium and sustainable materials like bamboo and charcoal (see our OTTY Pure mattress review for more) for exceptional support and comfort. In this sale, you can save £170 when you buy pillows, a duvet set and a mattress protector with your mattress of choice.

For more mattress offers all year round, check out these Emma mattress deals, Simba mattress deals and OTTY mattress deals.

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