Best Amazon Prime Day deals: Garmin Forerunner 35 running watch over £40 off

With GPS and heart-rate tracking, this Forerunner is always a good deal… but today it's one that's really worth sprinting after

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The Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals bonanza is now on, despite Amazon Prime Day not actually starting until Monday at midday. No, we can't work that one out either. Perhaps its apt that this deal is so fast out of the starting gate, cos it's the Garmin Forerunner 35, an excellent running watch with GPS and heart-rate tracking.

We have now added this to our roundup of the best running and fitness watch deals of Amazon Prime Day.

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Best Amazon Prime Day deals: Garmin Forerunner 35, £40 off

Despite sitting near the bottom of the Forerunner range, the 35 has long been an excellent choice for runners who are starting out, casual, or just tight with their dollars. It usually sells for a very reasonable £169.99 but today it's £129.99 which by our maths is a saving of £40 and… ooh, 24%? You actually save fractionally (99p!) more when buying the black or white model, for some reason.

Despite being the affordable Forerunner, the 35 still comes with GPS to track your runs' course, and calculate your speed and distance. There's also wrist heart-rate tracking for those who are into zonal training. 

The Forerunner 35 is equally adept when at the gym or cycling and also counts steps, tracks sleep and reminds you to move, like a nagging aunt. All the fitness data thus gathered is viewable via the Garmin Connect app on iOS, Android and desktop.

Battery life is very solid, with 9 days of use as a watch and 13 hours of training (ie: with GPS and active heart-rate tracking turned on). The Forerunner 35 also tracks your pulse in a more basic way when you're not exercising, so you can keep track of things such as resting heart rate, and find out if you really did nod off during that work meeting.

Garmin Forerunner 35 | £129.99 (was £169.99)

Available in black, white, 'limelight green' and 'frost blue', the Forerunner 35 is a stripped back but versatile running watch from 'runaway' (aha ha ha) market leader Garmin. With GPS and wrist heart rate is has the features that most runners want, although don't expect it to measure your cadence or lactate threshold. Don't even know or care what they are? You're golden then.View Deal

Note that other retailers have reacted to this deal…

If you've been after a running watch for a while, now is the time. Well, with the slight caveat that there will doubtless be other running watches and other fitness wearables on sale from Monday lunchtime when Amazon Prime Day proper commences. However, we doubt you'll see a better offer on this model specifically.

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