Galaxy Note 20 price leak is a huge blow for Samsung fans

The latest phone in Samsung's Note series is going to be the most expensive yet

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra video
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Samsung is set to unveil its new lineup of devices at Unpacked next month, including a 5G Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Watch 3, and two new tablets that will be serious contenders to Apple's iPad Pro. The existing Galaxy Z Flip will also be getting a bit of a revamp with a new Mirror Gold colourway, according to an inside source. 

Prices for the various devices have also leaked along the way, and it looks like the Galaxy Note 20 is going to be eye-wateringly high, making it the most expensive Note smartphone ever!

Noted Twitter leaker Ice Universe has shared a few titbits that have been backed up by fellow tipster Ricciolo.  Ice Universe confirmed the August 5 reveal date that's been doing the rounds, and predicted that that the price for the handset will start at $999 for the Note 20, and $1,299 for the Note 20 Ultra. They added:

"Either way, in 2020, pricing an Android phone with a 1080, 60Hz screen and a regular camera at $999 can be considered fraud."

While their guess about the price is just that - a guess - Ricciolo added to the discourse, pointing out that not only will the Note 20 be the most expensive note ever, but that the price hike comes at a time when the entire world has felt the effects of a pandemic which has had huge financial ramifications for businesses as well as individuals. Their guess for the Note 20 Ultra price is $1,500.

Greek website Techmaniacs claims to have a source that's spilled the beans on the price of the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, saying the Note 20 will start at €1,249 (£1,132/ $1413) while the Note 20 Ultra will start at €1,399 (£1,268/ $1,583). As always, these prices won't be a straight conversion, but compared to last year's Galaxy Note 10 which launched with a price tag of $949 / £869, we're definitely in for a pretty sizeable price bump.

The retail price becomes even more unpalatable in the current climate, and seems particularly risky given the plethora of mid-tier smartphones out there that you can pick up for practically half the price. 

Even the upcoming iPhone 12 is rumoured to start from $649, while OnePlus is currently in the midst of building up hype for its new line of affordable smartphones, starting with the OnePlus Nord, expected to launch in just a few weeks. And let's not forget the iPhone SE and Pixel 4a (which we're still waiting on from Google). 

Unpacked is now a month away, and Samsung really needs to consider how realistic it is to ask people to hand over a thousand pounds or more for a phone that ultimately isn't offering anything that revolutionary over its cheaper competitors. We'll have to see if they win people over with the tech, while coming in with reasonable price - otherwise it could just be die-hard Note and Samsung fans only who will be reaching for their wallets. 

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