G-Shock celebrates 30th anniversary of Frogman with new GW8230NT-4 watch

This new G-Shock watch pays tribute to the 2nd generation Frogman

G-Shock Frogman GW8230NT-4 watch launch
(Image credit: G-Shock)

2023 has already been a busy year for G-Shock. So far this year, G-Shock unveiled its first all-metal 2100 series watch and new watches to the Utility Metal GM-2100 range. The watch brand isn’t slowing down and this week, G-shock announced its new addition to the iconic Frogman line, the GW8230NT-4.

The GW8230NT-4 is a new commemorative watch and the second model to celebrate 30 years of Frogman’s dive watches. Earlier this year, G-Shock marked 30 years of Frogman (which was originally launched in 1993) with a poison frog-inspired design, but this new GW8230NT-4 also pays tribute to the 2nd generation Frogman DW8200NT that debuted in 2000.

The GW8230NT-4 is a newly reissued diver’s watch model that features a vivid red colour and state-of-the-art G-Shock technology. The brand has aesthetically reproduced aspects of the DW8200NT, like the asymmetric case and dial component, and reinvented it for the modern day, including making more sustainable design choices.

With a focus on reducing its impact on the environment, G-Shock has used bio-based resin on the bezel and band of the GW8230NT-4. The resin is produced using renewable organic resources, making it more eco-friendly and giving the watch its distinctive shape inspired by the DW8200NT.

Another environmentally-conscious choice by the brand is its Tough Solar power system. The GW8230NT-4 watch features a new solar panel that converts sunlight into energy which G-Shock also says will help reduce the need for battery replacements.

G-Shock Frogman GW8230NT-4 watch

(Image credit: G-Shock)

Alongside these sustainable features, the GW8230NT-4 watch has an eye-catching design and colour. The bold red colouring works nicely against the black titanium case and comfortable watch strap. The entire watch can be made brighter by using the Super-Illuminator, a high-brightness LED light that illuminates the watch face for better visibility in the dark.

The GW8230NT-4 isn’t complete without the iconic diving frog logo. The logo appears within the LCD when the LED backlight is activated and it’s also engraved on the titanium case back, along with ‘30th’ to commemorate the Frogman anniversary.

Additional features of the GW8230NT-4 include ISO 200-metre water resistance, stopwatch, countdown timer, date/day display, dual time and alarms. For those who want to use the GW8230NT-4 as a dive watch, it comes with tide and moon graphs, diving functions and log data, all of which can be tracked and saved in the CASIO WATCHES app.

The G-Shock Frogman GW8230NT-4 is priced at £519 / $620 on the G-Shock website and select retailers.

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