G-Shock launches Utility Metal series, with three new straps & colourways

The new G-Shock Utility Metal GM-2100 models blend style with substance

G-Shock Utility Metal watch series
(Image credit: G-Shock)

G-Shock has just launched its new Utility Metal GM-2100 models, octagonal metal-covered watch designs with an ultra adaptable cloth strap in three different colourways. Blending traditional styles with a military-inspired influence, the Utility Metal GM-2100 range is built to match style with substance… and the new watches come in at a very reasonable price, too.

The G-Shock brand (whose models feature in our best watches guide) is already having an exciting 2023, with new watches and collection launches, plus its celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first Frogman model. To commemorate this milestone, G-Shock released a limited edition version of the Frogman timepiece, designed to look like a poison dart frog.

G-Shock’s most recent release expands on its popular Utility Metal GM-2100 line and introduces its first ever NATO-style fabric strap for this model. The GM-2100 watches feature a digital time display, stainless steel bezels and the new cloth bands which are now available in black with red accents (GM-2100CB-1AER), olive green (GM-2100CB-3AER) and beige colours (GM-2100CB-5AER). 

The straps are the new exciting elements to the Utility Metal watch collection and are available alongside standard resin and full metal options from the G-shock brand. The new colours and design of the straps gives the watch a military-style feel and they aren’t too dissimilar to NATO-style watch straps, featuring two metal band keeper loops which help you adapt and resize your watch.

The G-Shock Utility Metal watches have an octagonal form and metal-clad design which contrasts strikingly with the cloth fabric for a style that’s both sophisticated, casual and tough. Considering the price (which we get on to below), features and design, they’re good everyday watches that definitely make the list for the best watches under £200 (for the beige version).

If you’re new to the G-Shock Utility Metal line, these watches have a digital time display which can be configured to 12-hour or 24-hour formats and the face shows you the date, world timer with 31 time zones and full auto-calendar. With a 3 year battery life, the G-Shock Utility Metal collection also includes timers, alarms, a stopwatch and they’re shock and water resistant by up to 200 metres.

Other impressive features of the G-Shock Utility Metal line are the double LED lights: one for the backlight and one for the face which illuminates the hands and display. These watches also have hand shift features where you can move the hands out of the way to get an unobstructed view of your display’s digital contents.

G-Shock Utility Metal watch on someone's wrist

(Image credit: G-Shock)

All of that and the G-Shock Utility Metal series looks pretty good, too, especially with its new utilitarian-inspired colours and fabric. In terms of price, the black and olive green versions of the watch will cost you £209 and the beige colourway is £189.

As of writing, you can find all three colourways of the G-Shock Utility Metal watches on the G-Shock UK website but only the black and olive green versions on the G-Shock US website.

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