Furby's back (again) and it's smarter than ever

The voice activated toy has returned once more to bring joy to a new generation, parents less so

2023 Furby models in purple and coral
(Image credit: Hasbro)

Furby, the toy that had 90s kids reaching for their Furblish phrase books and parents for a screwdriver to remove the batteries, has returned. Hasbro believes it's time for one of its best toys to make a comeback.

Last seen in 2016, the electronic pet is now available in the US and looks very similar to previous generations. There's perhaps a little more fur this time, but the overall design is the same.

Its purpose is similar too. The new Furby models, in purple and coral, feature five voice activated modes and can communicate with their owners using over 600 responses. Each of them can joke and sing, with many different functions hidden for them to discover.

Five commands are available: Dance Party, Copy Cat, Tell My Fortune, Let's Chill, and Lightshow. These each spark different interactions and games. They're a little more advanced than previous versions though, as they can respond to a wake phrase - "Hey, Furby!" - like a smart speaker or assistant.

If a child has two of the new Furby toys, they can chat with each other. And, like with the 90s originals, they will also respond to hugs, pats on the head, being fed an included pizza charm, and other tactile gestures.

Also like Furby toys from yesteryear, the new versions require AA batteries - they don't come with charging functionality. However, at least that means you can take them out when the little blighter wakes up in the middle of the night and starts gibbering on like an extra from a Chucky movie. Yep, we've been there.

When will the new Furby be available and how much does it cost?

Both the coral and purple editions are available in the US now, priced at $69.99 apiece. They are exclusive to Amazon at present, but will soon release on a wider basis and be available from other retailers from 15th of July 2023.

There's no word yet on whether the UK will also get the new Furby toys at the same time, or how much they'll cost if they do make it over the pond. We suspect they'll be highly popular when it comes to writing letters to Santa, that's for sure.

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