Forget the iPhone 15 – iPhone 16 is getting a huge display upgrade

Small phone lovers are going to hate this change

iPhone 15 smartphone
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The iPhone 15 range is due later this year, and we've already heard an awful lot of rumours and leaked specs about the device. That's not unwarranted, either – a host of upgrades look set to make this the best iPhone in a long time.

Among the highlights are a titanium frame, a big camera upgrade and some ultra-thin bezels. But some users will want to hold out another generation, because news is beginning to emerge about the iPhone 16.

Specifically, the size of the display on that phone. According to Display Supply Chain Consultant, Ross Young, the next generation iPhones will come in 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch sizes. Young has a stellar reputation when it comes to the screens on tech devices, and his word is basically gospel for this kind of thing.

That would mark another massive change for the iPhone range. The base model iPhone has featured a 6.1-inch display since the iPhone 11 was released back in 2019. And since the iPhone 12 range which succeeded it, the 6.1- and 6.7-inch duo has been present.

Bigger displays are likely to cause some issues for fans of small phones. Many – present company included – feel that the size of modern flagships like the iPhone 14 Pro Max are cumbersome. Sure, you get all the best features packed in, but if it can't fit in your pocket, that trade off is tough to justify.

It can be a good thing though. Bigger displays mean more screen real estate and a larger surface for consuming content and gaming on the go. Hopefully the thin bezels debuting on the series this year can mitigate some of the size increase, too.

I'd also wager that this is good news for the iPhone SE. We've seen a host of back and forth rumours about a new model there, with many suggesting it could utilise the iPhone XR casing and pack a 6.1-inch display. If Apple is looking to boost the size of their 'standard' range, it could be a sign that a smaller model is coming to pick up the slack.

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