Fold out: Google Pixel Fold is already out of stock on USA store

Certain configurations have already outstretched Google's estimated demand

The official image of the Google Pixel Fold
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel Fold may have been announced at Google I/O a few weeks ago, but users are still waiting to get their hands on them. That's because of a slightly longer pre-order period, which looks set to continue for around another month.

Now, some variants of the device are already out of stock on the Google Store in the USA. That suggests that demand for the device may have already exceeded Google's expectations.

At the time of writing, the 512GB version was out of stock on the US site. Both variants of the 256GB option seemed to have stock available for the initial shipment. The UK Google Store appears to still have stock of all models.

So, what does that mean for foldable phones in general? I'm hoping it marks the beginning of a more widespread acceptance. It seems that this device has sparked a high degree of consumer interest – no doubt inspired by the very generous pre-order and trade-in offers for the device.

I can see why users would be enamoured with the Pixel Fold, too. In the last year, devices like the Google Pixel 7 Pro have proven to be really popular. They fuse stylish design cues with powerful processing and truly brilliant cameras.

The Pixel Fold takes this same approach. That's likely to resonate similarly with the demographic that made the Pixel 7 Pro such a smash hit.

I'm excited for these devices to hit the market properly. While we may have reservations over some of the specs – and the somewhat eye-watering price tag – it seems to have really captured the imagination of the public. 

Time will tell if it can live up to the initial hype. But one thing's for sure – if you're wanting to get one of these early, you might be better off getting in quick.

Sam Cross
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