Emma's biggest EVER sale is on now... and we've got a code for an extra 3% off

If you've been thinking of buying an Emma mattress, they're not going to get cheaper than this

Emma mattress
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Emma makes our #1 best memory foam mattress, and a major bank holiday sale means that right now there's 45% off both of Emma's mattresses, as well as up to 50% off sleep accessories. It's already the biggest discount we've ever seen from Emma, and we have an extra discount for you: use code SUPERT3 for an extra 3% off the sale price

You can use this code to knock a bit more off anything you buy at Emma – so if you use it on a mattress, that bumps the discount up to 46.65%. On a King Sized Emma Premium, that's an extra... well it's an extra £17.47 off. But still, that £17.47 more than you would have had without the code.

On the mattress front, you can pick between the multi award-winning, five star, memory foam-only Emma Original or the Emma Premium, which adds a layer of tall springs for extra support and enhanced breathability. This code is valid until 30 August, so you've got a few days to claim. If you do miss this deal, head to our Emma mattress deals and discount codes page for the best current price. 

Emma mattress bank holiday savings | 45% off + an extra 3% with code SUPERT3SUPERT3 Offer ends 30 August

Emma mattress bank holiday savings | 45% off + an extra 3% with code SUPERT3
Hit up the Emma Bank Holiday sale armed with our T3 discount code for an extra 3% off the already heavily discounted prices. Choose between the memory foam Emma Original – our favourite memory foam mattress – or the hybrid Emma Premium, which amps up the support and airflow. Enter the code SUPERT3 at the checkout to claim. Note, you can also use the code on sleep accessories, which already have up to 50% off.
Offer ends 30 August

Before now, the most we've ever seen Emma discount its mattresses by was 42% (the Amazon Emma shop briefly dropped by 50% over Amazon Prime Day this year, but that was for Prime subscribers only). So in short, this is a majorly good deal.

Can't choose between the two mattresses? Well, the Emma Original is softer, less supportive, and will sleep a bit warmer. It's suitable for most people, and is the cheaper of the two (read our Emma mattress review for more info). 

For heavier people, or those who prefer a firmer sleep surface with more support, or those that tend to sleep hot, it's a good idea to invest in the pricier Premium (we're currently testing it, with a full review to follow). This is the mattress also sometimes known as the Emma Hybrid Original, despite not, in fact, being the brand's original hybrid – lower case – model. 

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