EE SIM only deal delivers 150GB of data for just £20 a month

Get 150GB data, unlimited minutes and texts with no upfront fees for just £20 from EE

EE SIM only deals
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With the cost of living price rises, switching to a SIM only deal (opens in new tab) is a great way to keep the costs down and save money on your monthly bills. Phone bills have a way of creeping up on you so picking a cheap SIM with huge data can definitely tackle this for you.

Some of the best SIM only deals (opens in new tab) are from top retailers like Three, Smarty, Vodafone and EE. Right now, the best SIM only deal from EE delivers 150GB of data for just £20 a month.

View the 150GB SIM only plan from EE (opens in new tab)

For just £20, customers receive 150GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes with no upfront costs on a 24 month contract from EE. This SIM only plan also comes with superfast 5G connectivity (for 5G phones only) and helps you stay connected even if your data runs out.

EE is well known for its phone contracts and SIM only deals, and they’re offering some great add-ons with their data SIM packages. For example, if you create an EE Family Account, you can share data with your family. Specifically, with this 150GB plan, you can add Apple Music and Apple TV+ for free for 6 months.

To shop this 150GB data SIM only plan from EE, click the link above or keep reading for more SIM only deals from a range of popular mobile providers.

150GB data SIM only plan: £20 per month at EE (opens in new tab)

150GB data SIM only plan: £20 per month at EE (opens in new tab)
The 150GB data SIM only plan from EE is just £20 a month with no upfront costs on a 24 month contract. This deal comes with unlimited minutes and texts, 5G connectivity and you can sign up for free Apple Music or Apple TV+ for 6 months.

Whether you’re looking for big data, flexible contracts or cheap prices, SIM only deals are the place to look if you’re trying to save money on your phone. For even more SIM only deals, make sure to check out the following ones from Vodafone, Three and Smarty.

Currently, Vodafone is offering 100GB of data for just £16 a month (opens in new tab) and Three is also delivering 100GB of data for £12 a month (opens in new tab). Out of all the SIM only deals, Smarty has some of the best prices (opens in new tab) including doubling its data allowances but keeping the same low prices.

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