How switching to a SIM only deal is a great way to save money on phone bills

SIM only deals let you customise your phone package to your needs as well as freeing you from long-term contract shackles

SIM only deals
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Going SIM only – key benefits

SIM only deals

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Cheaper bills – SIM only plans are in general much cheaper than phones with SIM plans.

Higher allowances – SIM only plans also feature much higher data, text and call allowances than phone with SIM plans.

Contract freedom – SIM only plans come with shorter contracts or no contracts at all, meaning you can walk away at any time.

Here at T3 we spend all year hunting out the very best SIM only deals. We do this as we're of the firm belief that, while buying a phone on contract with a bundled SIM plan is a great way to get an all-round quality phone package, if you want to save money and really bring monthly phone bills down then going SIM only is the way forward.

SIM only deals let you keep your existing handset, which may still be one of the best phones on the market, and then just pay for your phone, text and data plan each month, which separated from an on-going handset cost, is markedly cheaper and, often, cheaper while improving things like the amount of data you've got. And, with the cost of living going up markedly in 2022, we think SIM only is going to suit more people than ever before.

And, if you want to explore SIM only possibilities, right now there is one SIM only supplier more than any other that is standing out to, thanks to a brand new public declaration that they're not going to introduce RPI annual price rises to their customers.

Smarty's General Manager Elin Mclean recently confirmed the news, stating that:

“Almost everyone is feeling the effects of cost increases at the moment and, in a promise to remain true to our SMARTY values, we only want to make things simpler. So, we are standing out from the crowd and making a commitment that SMARTY has never and will not to introduce RPI annual price rises. It’s time to do mobile the right way!”

T3 has featured numerous of Smarty's SIM only deals in the past as it specialises in contract free SIM only deals, meaning that if you buy one you can walk away at any time. We feel Smarty is also a smart choice right now as it has just announced it is turning on 5G data connectivity this year.

We like Smarty most here at T3, though, as it allows you to maintain or improve your phone plan while at the same time shrinking your monthly expenditure. That's why this confirmation that Smarty isn't going to increase its costs is so welcome.

Here are Smarty's best SIM only deals available right now:

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