Early Amazon Prime Day deals: Samsung Galaxy A51 is super cheap right now

Get Samsung's A51 and A51 5G for £254 and £386 respectively on Amazon, a lot cheaper than most of their rivals

Samsung A51 Amazon deals 2020
(Image credit: Samsung)

Amazon has started dropping Prime Day deals already, with thousands of top offers already live. One of those deals is for Samsung's Galaxy A51 and A51 5G, both of which have near-top-tier specs for a fraction of the price of a high-end smartphone these days.

The first thing to note about Samsung's Galaxy A51 is how sleek it looks: the 6.5-inch display has a hole-punch camera that means the entire front of the phone is screen, edge-to-edge. It looks fantastic and means photos, videos, and whatever else pop.

The internals are a similar story: 64GB or 128GB storage with microSD slot, quad rear-camera array, Android 10, under-display fingerprint sensor, and 4,000mAh battery. The 5G model has a slightly bigger 4,500mAh battery but the rest is pretty much the same. 

Taken together, these are very capable and desirable mid-range Android handsets.

Samsung Galaxy A51 | 6.5-inch | Android 10 | £329 £254 from Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A51 | 6.5-inch | Android 10 | £329 £254 from Amazon
For a mid-range Android smartphone, the A51 has everything you could possibly need: great camera, fast internals, loads of storage (which is expandable), and a huge screen. Plus, you're getting £75 ahead of Prime Day right now.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G | 6.5-inch | Android 10 | £429 £386 from Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G | 6.5-inch | Android 10 | £429 £386 from Amazon
This is exactly the same deal except you're getting a 5G-capable smartphone and slightly less off the retail price. Still, for under £400 you'd be hard-pressed to get an Android handset that's better.

So, if you've been looking for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone for a while but didn't want to rush, the A51 is a great bet, especially with steep discounts on Amazon.

Don't want to buy upfront? We've compiled the best Galaxy A51 deals.

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