Don’t expect much from the OnePlus 12

Early leaks sound disappointingly similar

OnePlus 11 review: holding phone up against a wall
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We’re fans of the OnePlus 11 here at T3, but the latest leaks about its successor, imaginatively named the OnePlus 12, suggest that we will be getting something very similar next time too. 

The good news is that according to GSM Arena, the device will launch in China in December of this year, and while it will take a few months to arrive elsewhere. That’s still not a bad turnaround time from the OnePlus 11. In terms of silicon, an upgrade to the as-yet-unreleased Snapdragon 8 gen 3 processor is mooted which is a nice if expected progression. 

From there, the familiarity starts to set in. The leaks claim the OnePlus 12 will again have a 6.7 screen with an up to 120Hz refresh rate. At least the 100w wired charging speed is also reprised which filled the OnePlus 11’s 5000 mAh battery up in just 25 minutes. 

OnePlus 11 review: woman holding green phone

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In terms of rear cameras, it is a similar story. We can supposedly expect another 50MP main shooter, 50MP Ultrawide (up from 48MP) although we will at least be treated to a 64MP periscope zoom camera. 

Ultimately this suggests a very iterative new model, but of course, these are just leaks. There’s also still a long way to go in terms of the rumoured release date so hopefully OnePlus can spring a few surprises and produce something to compete with the best Android Phones. With the Nothing Phone (2) coming this summer and set to be a more premium offering, they will have fresh competition in the Android market. As for what we would want to see the OnePlus 12 improve on, the biggest areas for development would be the disappointing battery life and the paltry 2x optical zoom on the rear camera. 

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