Don't buy a Google Pixel 7 until after this date – here's why

Google has teased its Black Friday sales – and the Pixel 7 looks to be discounted, but only from a given date

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Looking to buy a shiny new Google Pixel 7? It is one of the best affordable phones on the market, so I think you've already made a very wise choice. 

Except, hang on, stop right there: don't buy a Pixel 7! At least don't buy one today. Why? Because Google has just teased its Black Friday deals and, guess what, the Pixel 7 is included in amongst the list.

Thing is, Google doesn't apply its Black Friday discount until the 17 November, so you've got the play the waiting game on this one. And we don't yet know exactly what level of discount we're talking about. But even if it's £20, I still think it's worth waiting the extra week-and-a-bit to find out. 


Google Pixel 7 Black Friday deal at Google

Typically £599 for the smaller of Google's flagship handsets, we know that the company will be discounting the phone, but just not by exactly how much. Set your calendar for the 17 November however and all will be revealed...

There are plenty more Black Friday deals to get your nose into for now, though, with T3 highlighting bundles of offers in its main round-up feature. There's also a lot of interest in PlayStation 5 Black Friday deals, which we're covering in a live blog. 

But if you're here exclusively for Google then, as I say, playing the waiting game will be to your benefit. It's not only the Pixel 7 that's been earmarked for discount either, with Google also flagging its Pixel 6a, Nest Doorbell, Chromecast with Google TV, and plenty more besides (take a look in the link below for Google's official page, where it's all laid out).

The only downside to Google's Black Friday sales? There's no Pixel 7 Pro, which is my current favourite phone, sitting nice and high in T3's best Android phones list. Clearly the demand for Google's larger top-tier phone has been greater, but if you want a smaller and more manageable handset then I'd certainly suggest looking at the Pixel 7 standard – just not until the 17 November!

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