Did we just get the first glimpse of the Google Pixel Fold?

A leaked benchmark could have just given us some insight into the first ever Google foldable phone

Google Pixel Fold render
(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

The world of foldable phones is hotter than ever. Data from market research specialists, Counterpoint Research, found that sales were up 73% in 2022, despite external economic conditions being less than ideal.

It would appear, then, that there is strong interest in the foldable phone segment. That interest is sure to attract other large smartphone manufacturers. We've already seen another round of rumours on the elusive iPhone Flip, but another device which is expected to see the light of day soon is the Google Pixel Fold

We saw renders of the Pixel Fold last month, and have some idea of the specs it might include. Now, a leaked Geekbench score under the Google foldable codename "Felix" may have given us even more of a look at what the Pixel Fold will offer.

According to the Geekbench entry, the Felix is packing the same Tensor G2 chip found in the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro, with 12 GB of RAM on board. It posted similar scores to the Pixel 7 Pro, with 1,047 in single-core performance and 3,257 in multi-core. Those numbers don't sound especially exceptional, but don't panic. Google doesn't care about benchmarks, so they rarely score as high as their competitors.

If the Pixel 7 range is the standard this device has been based on, we're in for a treat. Google made the Pixel range more intelligent, focusing on harnessing the power it has and using AI to enhance that power, rather than just shovelling more and more horsepower on top and hoping it works. The result is a device that outperforms expectations.

I'm thoroughly excited by this leak. I came close to pulling the trigger on a Pixel 7 Pro earlier this week, but I'm inclined to wait a little longer now. Rumours suggest 2023 is the year the Pixel Fold will finally be announced, and I think that package could be more appealing that Google's range of slab phones. 

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