These Cyber Monday home gym deals from Nike Strength are still going!

Missed out on Cyber Monday fitness deals? Fear not; Nike Strength has you covered

Female athlete squatting using Nike Strength equipment
(Image credit: Nike Strength)

If you, like me, had no idea that Nike recently launched a sub-brand called Nike Strength that focuses on strength training equipment, you'll be even more surprised to hear that there are actual Cyber Monday deals on Nike Strength equipment! And these offers are still going, despite we're past the Cyber Monday.

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Better still, the offers are not half bad, either. For example, you can get a Nike Strength Barbell with a set of bumper plates (45, 25, & 10 LB Pairs) for $50 off (was $675, now $625). Admittedly, that's less than 10% off, but considering the set already is excellent value for money, any money off is a good deal.

Other deals are as follows:

Sadly, my favourite Nike Rubber Bumper Plates in that eye-catching Grind color aren't on offer, but I'm sure the above deal will entice at least some people (I'm thoroughly enticed). Also, how cool is it that there is a Nike Squat Rack!? As you can tell, I can't get over the fact that Nike has a strength training sub-brand. Blows my tiny little mind.

For more offers, check out T3's best fitness deals and best cheap Bowflex deals roundups for Cyber Monday and beyond. Also, we have the best Nike deals page, but you won't find any barbell deals there, for sure. Maybe I should add some? 

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