Best Nike deals for May 2024

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Shop the best Nike deals here! With Christmas looming just over the horizon, it's not too late to get some last-minute Christmas gifts for your friends and family. Nike products on offer include sportswear, performance training, trainers, Dri-FIT, football boots, jackets, hoodies, gilets, shirts, shorts, baseball caps, running shoes, sneakers, fleeces, trousers, vests, tights, tops, pants, and many, many more.

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Products are split between male and female, and there is also a wide selection of children's apparel and footwear. Certain sale items are also customisable, with treatment, colour and logo placement changeable. Remember that Jordan and Converse all fall under the Nike umbrella, so you'll also find great deals from those brands included in the sale.

Best Nike deals

Nike's Black Friday deals page is up and running, with over 7,000 items listed (and counting), from sneakers and running shoes to apparel and accessories. Interestingly enough, the products don't seem to be discounted yet, but we're certain discounts will appear soon enough.

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Nike Membership benefits

We'd strongly recommend signing up for a Nike Membership (links to Nike). Not only it's free, but as a member, you get to enjoy several benefits, including exclusive offers, first access to deals and new product launches, and, most importantly, free delivery. 

Nike Member-exclusive products are available in the Member Shop to access SNKRS drops and to customise shoes and gear with Nike By You. Better still, Nike will even set products aside in your size if you're a member!

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