Could this be the perfect MagSafe wallet for your iPhone 14?

It’s a MagSafe! It’s an AirTag! It’s not very expensive!

ESR Geo Wallet stand for iPhone 14
(Image credit: ESR)

If you're looking for the perfect wallet to go with your iPhone 14, ESR may have just the thing for you. Its $27/£22 Halolock Geo Wallet Stand is a wallet that attaches magnetically to your phone, that turns into a sturdy iPhone stand and has its own Find My support in case you misplace it.

It's a direct rival to Apple's own MagSafe Wallet. That also has MagSafe, of course, and it also has Find My support. However it costs significantly more and doesn't double as a stand.

I've got a Halolock in my car and it keeps my iPhone 14 Pro attached despite me driving on roads with potholes big enough to swallow a bus. That has a reported 1,400g of holding force. This is stronger still with 1,500g, which is roughly twice as strong as the official Apple wallet.

How does this MagSafe wallet work?

If you have an iPhone 12 or later, the Halolock wallet stand grabs onto it with the power of MagSafe. The wallet itself holds up to three cards with a cutout that makes taking them out a lot less fiddly than in the official MagSafe Wallet that Apple sells, and the strength of the magnetic lock means whether it's just attached to the back or being used as a phone stand, it's not just going to slide off.

As for the Find My bit, that's a Bluetooth module with an impressive three months of battery life – not as much as my AirTags manage, but they're not built into Apple's Wallet either. 

There's only one catch that I can see: the price I've quoted is an early bird Kickstarter price, and that price is only available to the first 300 backers before the usual Kickstarter tiers take effect. Even at full price we're not talking Apple prices, though: the full RRP is $39 (around £32) compared to $59 / £59 for Apple's one.

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