Chris Hemsworth's latest Instagram workout builds full-body strength with just one piece of equipment

Please don't do this at home unless you want to enter your neighbours greatly

Chris Hemsworth Functional Slam Workout
(Image credit: Chris Hemsworth)

Chris Hemsworth is back with another full-body workout, baby! Mr Thor's been busy churning out workouts on his IG channel much to the delight of many people, including me. this time around, Chris is swapping his dumbbells and barbells for a slam ball, a HIIT workout staple.

Chris titled his latest workout routine “Functional Slam Workout” and indeed, the short and sweet circuit looks intense enough to build functional muscle mass all the while helping you lose belly fat. The workout itself is not mind-blowingly complicated but this is exactly why it works.

For this workout, you'll need a so-called slam ball which is a type of medicine ball designed for – err – slamming. The slamming/swinging motion of slam ball workouts requires the coordination of multiple muscle groups hence why they are great for burning fat but also building muscle.

Needless to say, try not to perform this workout indoors, or at least not in your apartment/flat as it might disturb the neighbours. Visit a park or an area where there is a wall you can slam the ball into, If you have a garage that would work too. 

For more workouts, check out the Centr app, Chris' holistic workout app that I reviewed and enjoyed using before. Read the full Centr app review now. Or check out this Chris Hemsworth workout plan I concocted up a while ago. The best push up variations can also help you grow big arms if that's what you want.

How to do Chris Hemsworth's Functional Slam Workout?

To perform Chris's Functional Slam Workout, pick up your slam ball and stand close to the wall you're going to slam the ball into. Turn left, so the wall is to your right. Perform five right slams, then turn around (the wall should be on your left) and slam the ball into the wall facing this way another five times. Then, turn away from the wall and slam the ball down five times.

(Told you this isn't going to be an overly complicated workout.)

You're done with the slamming for now. Hold the ball in your hands in front of your chest and perform five front squats. Once done, drop the ball down and get into a push-up position with one of your hands resting on the ball the other on the ground. Do one push-up, then swap hands. Do ten push-ups this way (five with each hand).

Then, sit down on the ground and gold the ball in your hands in front of your hands once again. Do five sit-ups and as you come up, push the ball away from your chest over your head. Lower it back down to your chest as you return to the starting position. Finally, do five Russian twists on each side until you can feel your abs burning and you're out of breath.

Rest for 2 minutes.

Repeat four times!

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