Cheap OLED? Amazon Prime Day just served up the cheapest OLED TV deal so far

4K OLED TV has never been this cheap, only a few hours left to buy

amazon prime day cheap oled tv deal
(Image credit: Philips)

It's Amazon Prime Day, when dreams come true! Okay, this Philips 4K Ultra HD OLED TV is from 2017, and we'll come to what that means in a moment, but it is most likely the cheapest OLED TV deal from a major brand ever.

Buy Philips 55POS9002 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD OLED TV for £799 – Was £1,200 – Save £401 (33%)

Because OLED televisions are very new and this one's two years old, there are some caveats to this deal but if you currently have a plasma or LCD TV that's more than two years old, upgrading to this OLED will give you a massive improvement for less than £800. Anyway, whatever else you can say about it this is definitely…

THE best Amazon Prime Day 4K OLED TV deal

Philips 55POS9002/05 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD OLED Android Smart TV £799 | Was £1,200 | Save £401
This Philips 4K OLED TV is a feast for the eyes. Experience bright whites and deep blacks like never before. Immersive viewing experience thanks to the ambient lighting strips along the side of the TV. Grab this TV while you can, under £800 for a few hours only, Amazon Prime Day ends at 23:59 April 16 (ie: today)View Deal

Why are we excited about this cheap 4K OLED TV deal?

This TV just looks great. With virtually no bezel at the front, the Philips S9002 literally blends into the background, taking away nothing from the 55-inch screen. And that is an amazing, razor-sharp screen, providing the most lifelike viewing experience yet. Those blacks look black and colours just pop right off the screen.

Powered by the Philips P5 Perfect Picture Engine, an overall 50% picture quality performance gain is achieved. Movie action scenes are smooth and not smothered, games look sharp and accurate on the Philips S9002. The ambient light strips around the edge of the TV elevate the game even further, creating an all-out immersive viewing experience.

Here's why we aren't necessarily screaming about it

Okay, this is a two-year-old TV, which means in dog years, it's ancient. OLED TVs had a lot of issues a few years back, relative to their price, and were over-hyped frankly. Those issues – around peak brightness, and achieving a more natural looking image, so they were suited to things other than big-budget Hollywood films viewed in native 4K – have largely now been resolved; this still has a few early-adopter quirks. 


Look at it this way: you'd have had to pay several thousand pounds for this TV a few years ago because it was absolutely cutting-edge tech. It's now £799 and particularly if you watch mainly higher definition, more polished sources as a matter of course – Netflix, Amazon Prime  or movies and sport on Sky Q for instance – it will slay any new TV at that price. Although if you mainly watch cable channels and the One Show, maybe look elsewhere.

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