Celebrate World Gin Day at The Hoxton with the finest gin and tonics around

Spend the 9th June sipping signature gin and tonics in Shoreditch

Four premium gin brands have taken over the quiet courtyard of The Hoxton, Shoreditch for four days to celebrate the tenth annual World Gin Day. 

The brands in question are Silent Pool Gin, Gin Mare, Colonel Fox, and KI NO BI, who will be serving up signature gin and tonics over the next couple of days.

The juniper-based celebration is billed as "a must for gin lovers and enthusiasts".

The event is running from Wednesday 6th to Saturday 9th June, culminating on World Gin Day itself.

For every gin, an artist will create bespoke artworks reflecting the gins’ distinct characters and botanicals.

The event is free-to-enter, with G&Ts costing £6 each.

The drinks are served with 1724 tonic water and a giant ice cube made from triple-filtered Scottish water. 

Created by The Edinburgh Ice Co. these giant ice cubes contain tailored garnishes to complement the unique flavour profile of each spirit. As the ice melts the garnishes will reveal themselves to further enhance the G&T drinking experience.

Here's a little bit about the gins on offer (provided by the brands):

Silent Pool Gin

Using water from the spring-fed Silent Pool, and the finest 24 botanicals, Silent Pool Gin is hand-crafted and bottled on-site in the beautiful, rural landscape of the Surrey Hills. The award-winning liquid is a rich and clean juniper-driven spirit with floral layers of lavender and chamomile, notes of citrus and kaffir lime, grounded with the subtle sweetness of local honey.

Gin Mare

Gin Mare is a super-premium handcrafted Mediterranean Gin distilled in small batches in a Florentine Copper Pot Still in a small village on the Mediterranean Coast just outside Barcelona. Distinguishing itself from traditional London Dry gins, Gin Mare is best defined by the flavours of its key botanicals: Arbequina Olive, Thyme, Rosemary and Basil that are sourced from 4 different Mediterranean countries. It is also known for the individual distillation and subsequent blending of its 8 distillates.

Colonel Fox

Made using a pared-back six botanicals, Colonel Fox’s London Dry Gin was designed with cocktail creation in mind and works beautifully with fresh citrus. Distilled by Charles Maxwell, owner of Thames Distillery, Colonel Fox uses juniper from Italy to drive the classic gin flavour; bitter orange peel sourced from Morocco for freshness; cassia bark for aromatic spice; angelica root to dry the gin; coriander seed for a wonderful lemon and peppery finish; and liquorice root to give sweetness and a creamy mouthfeel.


Meaning “the beauty of the seasons”, KI NO BI is the first Japanese gin made in Kyoto. Created in a recognisable dry style, it features Japanese botanicals such as yellow yuzu, hinoki wood chips, bamboo, gyokuro tea and green sanshō (Japanese peppercorn) berries, plus a rice spirit base and water from the sake-brewing district Fushimi.

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