Casio has unveiled the second Kanoa Igarashi surf watch, and it's a stunner

Special edition surf watch is the latest to join the G-SHOCK adventure sports range

Kanoa Igarashi wearing Signature G-SHOCK surf watch
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has announced that a new Kanoa Igarashi special edition G-LIDE surf watch is on its way. The GBX-100KI will be the second dedicated to the world-class professional surfer, and will feature unique graphics as well as a slew of features aimed at those wanting to follow in Igarashi's wake.

The G-LIDE line is the extreme sports side of the G-SHOCK range of shock-, dirt- and dust-resistant timepieces that pops up regularly in our best outdoor watch guide. This newest addition is based on the GBX-100, and packs similar surf-friendly features. 

The styling, though, is unique to this watch. The GBX-100KI is all black, but with textures and detailing that help it stand out. Across the bezel and glass there's a graphic of Igarashi riding an enormous wave, while the dial, case back, and band tip all sport the surfer's signature. Finally, the band’s lug side is adorned with a number 50 – Igarashi's number on the WSL Championship Tour. And there's some snazzy special edition packaging, too. Check out the gallery below.

Primary amongst the surf-friendly features you'll find on the GBX-100KI G-LIDE surf watch is the Mobile Link. This enables you to pair your watch with your smartphone, where you can access a companion app. Here, you can select a surf location from around 3,300 presets worldwide, and send tide info, sunset and sunrise times, and other useful data direct to your watch. A wide watch face with a high contrast Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD screen makes it easy to see the data at a glance. The watch can also be used to track distance traveled, time and pace (useful for general training, too).

We've reached out to Casio for more details of price and release date, but there's no word yet on exactly when this special edition will be hitting shelves, or how much it'll set you back.

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