BONKERS iPhone 13 video shows stunning smartphone with sliding screen

Would you buy the crazy iPhone 13 in this video?

Apple iPhone 13 video
(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

While leaks for the Apple iPhone 13 have already started, with the latest info dump revealing the advanced camera system set to feature on the phone, we as of yet have no idea of just what the follow-up to the iPhone 12 will look like.

Well, a brand new iPhone 13 video has just shown how radical the 2021 iPhone could look, with the handset coming with a far-out sliding screen mechanism. The full iPhone 13 video can be watched below.

This concept video comes courtesy of YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone, and shows a stunning, notch-free iPhone 13 with what the creator calls a "Slide Display". This sliding secondary display sits under the main screen and when drawn out allows fast access to apps and settings.

In addition, the iPhone 13 depicted in this video also comes with a quad-camera system and LiDAR scanner. Also, the phone seems to offer some touch-sensitive bezels, with icons and volume controls appearing on the curved phone edges.

The fact that there is no notch, too, and no visible camera lens, indicates that this iPhone 13 also comes with a under-screen selfie camera, which we think basically every Apple iPhone fan would like to see.

Here at T3 do we feel the real Apple iPhone 13 will look like this? Absolutely not, but it is still cool to see an interesting new smartphone design.

Hopefully we will hear more about the real iPhone 13 soon, as too more information about the Apple iPhone 12 range, which only recently saw the design for each of the range's four models leak in full.

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