The best fitness tracker and running watch deals 2021

All the wearable fitness watch, gym tracker and running watch deals you need for counting steps, cardio crushing and massively pumped pecs

The best fitness tracker and running watch deals
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Any month is the perfect time to start a new fitness journey, lose weight and to get fit in general. And to make sure you are motivated throughout the process, getting a multisport watch or a fitness band is highly recommended. If you don't want to spend over the odds, you'd better have a look at the best cheap fitness tracker deals and the best running watch deals.

Garmin and Fitbit release loads of new wearables every year, which usually means their older – yet still absolutely competent – wearables are getting deals. Fitbit has a habit of also discounting its latest watch range pretty much instantly: the recently announced Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 can already be bought for cheaper than their respective RRPs. As they are so popular, we also have a specific guide to the best cheap Fitbit deals and the best Apple Watch deals.

Best running watch deals

It's not just Apple watches, of course. Below you'll find the best prices for all of our favourite running watches and fitness trackers on the market today. And we've even thrown in some running headphone deals in case you want a bit of musical motivation on your winter runs.

Best fitness bands deals

Our favourite headphones for running and gym

Best Apple Watch deals

Sad to say, nobody is going to do you any kind of mega deal on the slightly sportier versions of The World's Most Successful Watch Ever. 

However, if there are any deals you'll find them below. You're most likely to find deals on Series 2 Apple watches as Apple no longer sells them, leaving other retailers to compete amongst themselves for your purchase.

And you could take the view that the Series 2 is all but identical to the Series 3 (unless you want to leave your iPhone at home and connect via 4G instead, but you can only do that via EE anyway, in the UK), and hence think of buying that as a 'deal'. It's a free country.

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