The best fitness tracker and running watch deals for February 2018

All the wearable fitness tracker, running watch and home gym tech you need for cardio crushing and massively pumped pecs

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Looking to get fit before 2017's festive blowout? We've got all the wearable and other fitness-related tech you need.

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Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 Nike editions

Sad to say, nobody is going to do you any kind of mega deal on the slightly sportier versions of The World's Most Successful Watch Ever. 

However, you could take the view that the Series 2 is all but identical to the Series 3 (unless you want to leave your iPhone at home and connect via 4G instead, but you can only do that via EE anyway, in the UK), and hence think of buying that as a 'deal'. It's a free country.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Special Edition | £79.99 | Was £129.99

These felt very overpriced at launch but now, they are only a little bit overpriced. The key feature here is tracking of your heart-rate and various other metrics, via your ears. The pulse tracking and musical performance are very good. We wouldn't trust any of its other metrics but it's still a very good gym headphone for the money.View Deal