The best fitness tracker and running watch deals of Amazon Prime Day 2018 ranked from best to worst

After a cheap Fitbit or Garmin? Today is the day, my friends

best fitness tracker and running watch deals of Amazon Prime Day 2018

Have a hankering to get fit? Amazon Prime Day is always stuffed to the gills with cheap fitness wearables, most of which are absolute cack. There are gems to be plucked from amidst the sewage, however, with discounts on older Garmin and Fitbit devices. Here we have assembled the best deals, in our order of recommendation.

Our usual advice applies: buy a running watch with heart-rate tracking and ideally GPS, rather than just a step counter. If you look into it, you'll probably find your phone can count your steps anyway. Running watches can all turn their hands to counting steps and hours of sleep anyway.

Best Amazon Prime Day fitness deals

1. Garmin Forerunner 235 | Was £299.99 now £154.99 | Save £145

A slightly older model yes, but still one that ranks high in our chart of Best running watches. As well as fast and accurate GPS to track your runs and cycles there is solidly accurate heart-rate tracking from your wrist (or you can pair a chest strap for real accuracy if you're into intensive zonal training). In addition you get more advanced metrics such as VO2 Max calculations, and less advanced ones, such as how many steps you've taken. Most importantly for a wearable, it is actually quite… wearable. Comfortable and – by fitness watch standards – stylish.View Deal

Fitbit Charge 2 | Was £209 now £79 | Save £130

Rather amazingly, this still ranks top of our Best fitness tracker list, several years after launch. Maybe that says something about the state of the fitness tracker market, because Fitbit pretty much perfected this type of band with the Charge 2, and now concentrates more on 'smartwatches'. For not a lot of money you get an excellent, social app, decent step counting and quite sophisticated sleep tracking. There is a bit of depth here, though. It has heart-rate monitoring, can tap into your phone's GPS to map runs and rides and can auto-detect certain types of exercise for you. At £79, it's a decent device.View Deal

Garmin Forerunner 35 | £129.99 (was £169.99)

Available in black, white, 'limelight green' and 'frost blue', the Forerunner 35 is a stripped back but versatile running watch from 'runaway' (aha ha ha) market leader Garmin. With GPS and wrist heart rate is has the features that most runners want, although don't expect it to measure your cadence or lactate threshold. Don't even know or care what they are? You're golden then.View Deal

Polar M430 | Was £209 now £112.99 | Save £88.06

Get a Polar watch if you want to impress more 'hardcore' runners. They aren't built to look terribly chic, but instead are rugged, reliable and track a large range of metrics to help improve your running performance – the Polar Fitness Test is legendary. The wrist heart rate tech is market leading, and there's also GPS and an accelerometer to help count reps when you're working out. It also does your basic step and sleep tracking, and there are vibrating alerts when you get messages on your Bluetooth-linked phone.View Deal

Fitbit Blaze | Was £159 now £99 | Save £60

Fitbit's first stab at a 'smartwatch' fails pretty comprehensively if the plan was to take down Apple Watch. However as a running/fitness tracker it's not bad at all, especially for under £100.

As usual, the ace up Fitbit's sleeve is the way it collates all your stepping, sleeping, running and gymming into its app platform, so you can see how you're progressing. This one also has built-in GPS as well as heart-rate, and notifications when you get messages etc. Solid. View Deal