Best Black Friday Apple Pencil deals

The ultimate Apple accessory, the Apple Pencil is sure to be snapped up quickly this Black Friday

Apple Pencil Black Friday deals
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Tech and electronics are one of the biggest sellers in the Black Friday deals and with the Black Friday sales in full swing, we’re seeing lots of price cuts on laptops, TVs and computing accessories.

If you’re an avid iPad user that wants to unleash their creativity, the Apple pencil is the perfect accessory to add to your tech stack. Both models are already receiving or are set to receive big discounts during this year’s sale.

The Apple Pencil is a practical investment, but which model should you go for? Similarly priced, both generations of the Apple Pencil will help you work more effectively on your iPad. To help you decide, we’ve highlighted both Apple Pencil models, the current deals on them and which retailers to buy from this Black Friday.

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Apple Pencil (1st generation)
Released in 2015, the Apple Pencil 1st generation might be a little bit older but it’s still compatible with many iPad models, like the iPad 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th gen, iPad Air 3rd gen, iPad Mini 5 gen and multiple Pro models. The Apple Pencil 1st generation is expected to be heavily marked down this November, just like last year.

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Apple Pencil (2nd generation)
The newer of the two, the Apple Pencil 2nd generation was released in 2018. Similar in design to its predecessor, the 2nd generation has tap-sensitive zones to help with navigation and has wireless pairing and charging capabilities. It also attaches magnetically to your iPad and can be laser engraved if you’re into that.

Why you should buy the Apple pencil 

The Apple Pencil is the perfect addition to your iPad. If you take a lot of notes, love to draw or organise your calendar, the Apple Pencil definitely comes in handy. Rather than using your fingers to navigate your iPad, the Apple Pencil prevents unwanted smudges and dirt getting on your iPad and gives you more control. It also helps you be more precise and direct when tapping the screen. It’s size might worry you if you’re prone to losing things, but pencil cases and extra pencil tips are available.

Both models come with imperceptible lag, pixel precision and tilt and pressure sensitive, making drawing, guiding or typing extremely easy and seamless. If you’re a big Apple fan, this accessory will complete your Apple collection.

Top retailers in the UK

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Amazon Apple Pencil deals (opens in new tab)
Amazon is one of the best retailers for the latest tech, like laptops, gaming equipment and computer accessories. The Apple UK Store on Amazon is full of Apple products, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. They have both Apple Pencil models available, plus cases and replacement tips.
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Argos Apple Pencil deals (opens in new tab)
Argos is another UK retailer that shouldn’t be ignored in the Black Friday sales. Argos have countless exclusive tech deals, including both models of the Apple Pencil.
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Currys Apple Pencil deals (opens in new tab)
Popular electronics retailers, Currys have numerous Apple products available, including the Apple Pencil. With Currys, you can spread the cost and pay in intervals if you need to. If you’re looking for top deals right now, the Currys Black Friday sale is now live.
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John Lewis Apple Pencil deals (opens in new tab)
John Lewis & Partners might not spring to mind when you’re thinking about technology. However, John Lewis has full ranges and collections on electronics, including TVs, tablets, laptops and a selection of Apple products. With regular deals up for grabs, including the Apple Pencil, head to John Lewis this Black Friday.
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Very Apple Pencil deals (opens in new tab)
Very is also a dark horse when it comes to tech deals but they have a fabulous range of work and home computing devices to choose from. Their Black Friday sale is now live so head to their website to bag some bargains, including the Apple Pencil.
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