Best Amazon Prime Day deals: Amazon Echo Dot 40% off down to £29.99!

The Amazon Echo Dot is now available at a super-low price point

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The Amazon Prime Day 2018 deal-a-thon is now live and there have been some insane deals landing already, ranging from crazy attractive Xbox One S deals, through to awesome 4K, HDR deals, and onto some stunning kayak deals.

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And, among the glut of deals some of the best have, naturally, been on Amazon's own products, like the one on the Amazon Echo Show.

And now the Amazon Echo Dot has joined the discount party, with a sizeable £20 knocked off its price, meaning it can now be snapped up for only £29.99 – a 40 per cent reduction.

Here are the full details of the Amazon Echo Dot deal:

Amazon Echo Dot | £29.99 (was £49.99)

If you've had your eyes on Amazon's small-scale Amazon Echo then glue your peepers to this sweet deal. That's because the smart speaker can now be picked up for only £29.99, a 40% reduction over its non-discounted price. And want an Amazon Echo Dot you should, as Alexa on the cheap gives you the best of both worlds - her AI smarts but your high-fidelity loud speaker.View Deal

Despite the fact that the Amazon Echo Dot is the speaker that sees the most amount of sales, we genuinely think this is an excellent price for what is one of the best going. 

The Echo Dot does everything the full-sized Echo does but just doesn't have its own in-built speaker, meaning you have to plug it into one you own. But, as audiophiles here at, that is the way we like it anyway, as we can get far superior audio reproduction.

Unsure if the Amazon Echo Dot is the right smart speaker for you? Then be sure to check out our detailed best Amazon Echo device guide for the tips and information you need.