Apple’s 2021 AirPod Pros hit a pretty deep discount on Amazon Australia

Treat yourself to Apple’s best AirPods yet for 19% off the retail price

AirPods Pro BF Deal
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While finding discounts on some Apple products can be hard, Amazon has proven to us that it’s possible to score a decent discount on the AirPods. However, finding a generous offer on a brand-new Apple product, even AirPods, can be tricky. And that makes this 19% discount on the all-new AirPods Pro so tempting.  

Right now, you can get Apple’s best wireless headphones in the 2021 AirPod Pro for AU$74 off the retail price! At the wallet-friendly amount of AU$325, this is the biggest discount we’ve seen on the AirPod Pro since Black Friday when they went for AU$319. 

Apple AirPods Pro (2021) | AU$399AU$325

 Apple AirPods Pro (2021) | AU$399 AU$325 (save AU$74)
This is darn close to the lowest we’ve seen the AirPod pros go for. As it’s only a last-year release, scoring this discount is a win in our eyes. While the ‘buds themselves are not all that different from the original AirPods Pro model, the 2021 version of Apple's noise-cancelling headphones includes a MagSafe Charging Case. 

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the upgrade, the AirPod Pro gives you a step-up in battery life and functionality as well as premium features with active noise cancelling and improved silicone ear tips for a better fit. They also ship with the MagSafe Charging Case that allows for a total of up to 24 hours of listening between charges. 

You’re being treated to a couple of fancy elements with the AirPod Pro, including transparency mode that allows you to hear the outside world clearly, as well as Apple’s new Spatial Audio feature for 3D depth for all the sounds coming through the headphones. Finally, they’re sweat resistance to allow you to go hard in the gym (for pecs that just won’t quit) without fear of damaging your new best friends. 

If you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else in the immediate future, this could be an easy way to do so. If you’re happy to wait it out until Prime Day 2022, you could be seeing even greater savings on this, and similar, Apple products. But if you’re not willing to roll the dice you can grab these now knowing you’re getting a great deal. 

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