Apple Vision Pro's biggest problem could be solved with this one accessory

Battery life is no longer a pain in the neck

Apple Vision Pro
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For those in the US at least, the Apple Vision Pro is nearly here. The $3499 headset will launch on February 2nd and sounds like a genuine revolution in computing. However, those out and about won't get much of a chance to explore their new mixed reality computer because of the measly battery life. 

The accompanying battery pack only holds around 2 hours of charge, and irritatingly must be connected via a long cable that runs down your entire body and into a pocket. Not exactly the usual level of elegance that we expect from Apple, and quite cumbersome, especially if you're tall. 

Luckily it looks like others feel the same way and are already designing accessories for the headset to solve such issues. One that's caught our attention is the Zybervr neck-hanging battery pack. Looking a bit like a travel pillow it goes around your neck and connects to the headset via a much shorter cable to provide 2-3 hours of battery life.

What's even better is that it features two 5000mAh batteries with one of them an interchangeable variant that you can swap on the fly for extended use. Retailing for a fraction of the headset's lofty price, it seems like a no-brainer right?

Zyber VR Battery Pack

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Well just hang fire for a second. We don't quite yet know if it will be compatible with Apple's headset. The battery does currently work with the likes of the Meta Quest 3 and PSVR 2 so there should be no problem - but Apple has not yet given any word on third-party accessories. Having said that if it proves to be similar to other VR headsets they might also need someone to develop an anti-nausea accessory.

Having a more secure fit and slightly longer battery will help those worried about costly repairs for their headset, as well as those hoping to exercise and work out in a whole new way.  

Much like the iPhone and iPad, expect to see all kinds of Vision Pro accessories on shelves very soon. 

Andy Sansom
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