Keep your Apple Vision Pro in bubble wrap, repairs could cost up to $2,400

An expensive mistake to make

Apple Vision Pro
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We all live in fear of damaging our favourite tech. Over the years I've had many an accident with phones and a few "accidents" with PlayStation controllers. Luckily I've never incurred a bill of anything close to over $2000. With that in mind you might want to keep me well away from the Apple Vision Pro.

That's because repairs for Apple's imminent mixed reality headset will run up to $2399, and considering the $3499 launch price, that's a serious chunk of change. Apple has officially launched its repair and replace service ahead of the Vision Pro's 2nd of February launch and it makes for anxious reading for those without AppleCare+. 

The most obvious form of damage to the device would be cracked glass, that'll set you back $299 with AppleCare+, or $799 without it. The headline figure however comes from what's classified as 'Other damage' (presumably needing a complete or near complete replacement of the device) with a $2399 cost without AppleCare+ or the regular $299 excess with the insurance service.  

Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

That's a very compelling case for AppleCare+ and we don't know just yet how active users will be when wearing the headset. I can imagine playing some games in particular could require a lot of movement. Having said that, unlike headsets like the PSVR2, you will still be able to see the real world to have some spatial awareness. 

As for UK prices, I wish I could bring you the information but with the Vision Pro launching in the US only for now, there has been no word on pricing in other territories. On the bright side, it does at least sound like we'll get it before WWDC 2024

Of course, even without an AppleCare subscription, the company has confirmed that every Apple Vision Pro will come with "one year of hardware repair coverage through its limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support."

Still, be careful with it. 

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